Another appeal

Monday, May 22, three days after we returned from our trip to Florida, I got the following note from Jenn, Homeward Trails Dog Program Director:

Hey Allison!! Is there any chance you are open for a litter? We just had one born at Fayette- the pups are only a day old and really need to get out of there asap- we have a transport running Weds let me know your thoughts? Pic attached!!


Hasty picture, probably not her best.  And when it comes down to it, have I ever said no because the dog wasn’t a looker?  So, I replied yes and started getting the dog area ready once again.

Wednesday evening a kind volunteer drove the mom – Hestia –  and her nine puppies from N. Va. to me.  Liz, the adoption coordinator I’ll be working with this time, said the shelter reported Hestia was sweet and friendly.  And they were right.  When I spoke to her through the crate door she wagged her tail and put her nose close to be petted.  I brought her into the house where she greeted Wendy and Little Dog  with tail wags.  Then I led her downstairs to the dog area. Taking them out of the crate, I placed all nine puppies on towel, folded the four corners together, carried the bundle downstairs and opened it up in the whelping box.

Here are pictures and video I took the next day:








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