Feeling at Home

I’m delighted to report that Hestia is very sociable, friendly and easy to have around.  Most mother dogs are content to be left alone the first few weeks. But not Hestia. After I check on her and the puppies, she tries to prevent me from getting to the gate door, locking her in and leaving. So now in the mornings I let her out to the side yard while I go back upstairs to make my coffee. If the weather’s nice, we sit together on the patio while I have a cup. She’s happy to be out; she wags her tail so hard, she nearly falls over. And when I sit down on one of the chaises, she climbs up and puts her front paws across me. If I rub her side, she rolls over on her back for a full belly rub. When I go inside to fix breakfast, she follows me around the kitchen and then settles down at my feet while I eat. I let her stay with me until I have somewhere to go or it’s time for the puppies to nurse. I often have to coax her back downstairs with a treat.

Hestia is also friendly with Wendy, Little Dog and the cats. She greets them all with a wag and a sniff, open and interested, not pushy or aggressive. If she sees one of the other dogs getting attention, she comes over too. But she waits her turn; she doesn’t push her head in between us and the other dog.

She has a few quirks – don’t we all? In the backyard, she likes to jump up on our patio table and lie down. In the kitchen, she tried to jump up on the cats’ window seat. It quickly collapsed under her weight. Steve put it back up and now when she’s in the kitchen we block it with a chair so she doesn’t repeat the stunt.

While I like names from Greek Mythology, Hestia doesn’t suit this mom dog.  It seems to serious and dignified. For now I’m calling her Momma Dog but realize I need to pick something soon.

As for her breed, the shelter thought she was an Australian Shepherd mix and Liz guessed hound mix. I considered Australian Shepherd mix for a short time too because of the color of her coat and the coats of some of her puppies.

Australian Shepard:



But her personality isn’t very shepherd like.  Based on both personality and appearance I’d place my bet on her being a Catahoula Leopard Dog – hound mix:





Catahoula Leopard Dogs are not technically a breed but a mix of several breeds, what is called a “cur.”   So their appearance can vary more than most types of dogs.

As for the puppies, they are two weeks old today and thriving. With only five of them, there is milk aplenty and they’re getting fat. This morning I noticed one had opened its eyes.







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