Wiggly Puppies and Chewbacca

Last Wednesday, Hestia and the puppies had a mini vacation. Every two years or so, my mother’s side of the family holds a reunion so while we were in Harper’s Ferry for a long weekend with around forty of my relatives, Hestia and her litter were cared for by a wonderful volunteer named MJ. MJ not only looked after everyone while I was away, she also did all the transporting.  I’m so very grateful!

picture from MJ:

Hestia 1

Before the weekend, the grey puppy with black spots had been congested for about a week. And several of the others were getting runny noses too. So before leaving I asked Liz if she could get some Clavamox (the antibiotic we give our littlest puppies) to MJ.  They’ve been on it for nearly a week now. Some of them are still very stuffy but otherwise look really good:  eating well, growing, moving and playing.

Hestia is doing well and making herself at home. A little too much at home. Whenever we have a new foster I keep a close eye on them the first few days to make sure they’re housebroken and aren’t inclined to chew on the furniture or anything else they aren’t supposed to. Hestia generally sticks close to me, and only occasionally trots off to find one of the many bones we have lying around the house. Monday morning, while I was having breakfast she wandered away and I soon heard her chewing on something in the sunroom, a bone I assumed. A while later I walked into the sunroom and noticed something pinkish on the floor all chewed to pieces.  I took a closer look. It was the plastic dental device I wear at night for sleep apnea. Like most mornings, I’d woken up, taken it out of mouth and placed it on my night stand. It had never dawned on me that any of my fosters would find it and take interest in it. The device had been specially made for me by a dentist and partially paid for by my medical insurance.

When I spoke to the office manager at the dentist’s she told me I wasn’t eligible for a new dental device for three more years and that without insurance it costs $3250.  We’ve had our fair share of foster damages over the years – it’s almost inevitable when you welcome strange dogs into your home – but nothing close to this expensive before.  I’m doing my best to just say to myself, what’s done is done. There’s no point in beating myself up over it. I’m very lucky to have a husband like Steve who instead of pointing out the obvious, that it was pretty stupid of me to leave my dental device where Hestia could reach it (those long legs of hers!), remarked that we should start calling Hestia Chewbacca. You can bet when (if?) I get around to replacing the dental device I won’t ever leave it where a dog can reach it again.

On to happier topics.  Now that the puppies eyes and ears are open they are taking an interest in the world around them. Especially each other:


The grey with black spots is so big.  He already weighs four and a half pounds while the next biggest is just a little over three pounds.  Four of the five are males, the smallest dark brown one is female. In a few days I’ll take pictures and put the puppies up on Petfinder. I’m thinking about a Wonder Woman theme for the names.



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