Puppy Milestones

With this past weekend’s warm weather, I couldn’t bear to weed my garden, as badly as it needs it. But I didn’t want to stay inside the whole time either. Giving the puppies their first taste of the outdoors was a great excuse to relax in the shade and just watch.

The puppies whine at first; how big and strange the backyard must seem compared to their small, quiet whelping box. Funny textures below, bright light above and unexpected sounds coming from all around.

The change of scenery doesn’t phase the only girl pup. I keep a close eye on her as she wanders far and wide (so does mom):

Sunday evening I brought them out again. This time both Wendy and Little Dog were outside too. Little Dog enjoys getting a quick sniff of the puppies:

The puppies turned four weeks old Sunday so today, Monday, I introduced them to their first solid food (puppy food softened in water).  Some puppies take to solid food right away, others need time and encouragement. Generally the smallest, thinnest puppies are the most eager and the roundest ones the least.  That holds true for Hestia’s pups:

After eating the puppies began to play and explore:

The puppies seemed happy to be outside so I left them in the side yard by themselves – unfortunately Hestia can climb ( jump?) the side yard fencing so I let her come with me. When I saw storm clouds moving in, I rushed back to return them to the whelping box. I found the puppies all napping comfortably on the towel in the shade.






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