About Us

My name is Allison. I foster dogs along with my husband Steve and our two daughters Amanda and Rachel at our home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We fostered our first mother dog, Tink, who came from Hampshire, W.Va, along with her eight puppies, in the summer of 2005. Our dog Wendy was one of those puppies. Besides Wendy, we have three cats, Iggy, Precious and Pad Thai and another dog, Little Dog, one of our former foster mom dogs. Since that first litter in 2005, we’ve fostered over 200 dogs including 26 mother dogs and their puppies. We currently foster for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Allison, what a wonderful blog, I want to read all about your new mama dog! Thank you for opening your home to all of these dogs!


  2. Hi Allison! So enjoyed reading this! I’m Kathy, and also foster for HT. We’ve had 101 through our house in the past four years — usually moms with litters. Love reading your thoughts and processes! Much the same. (And we have two daughters too!) Anyway, great blog.


  3. Hi Allison! I was looking at Savannah’s petfinder page and they have two different email address to reach out to you by (Alana2373 at yahoo dot com and alanai23 at yahoo dot com). I wanted to ask you some questions about her and her puppies but wasn’t sure which one was correct. Thanks so much!

    -Meagan G


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